Terminal Value

There are six core values that form the basis of everything I create and every decision I make at Terminal Value as a key part of transforming our business and life to world-class.

Value Obsession

This is the core value behind my personal, professional, and financial decision-making. Everything that I do needs to create value for all of the people involved.

EVERY product or service needs to deliver a value that is significantly higher than what it costs the client.

EVERY podcast episode or video needs to deliver value to the listener.

EVERY minute of my time needs to create value for myself, my family, and my friends.

The moment that earning money becomes more important than generating value is when companies (and people) go into decline.


Many of us feel social pressure to be ‘polished’ or ‘professional’ but I have found that this usually results in being fake.

I don’t have time for fake perfection and neither do you. I am a real person who interacts with other real people. We all have faults and make mistakes. Instead of trying to hide our flaws, I think it is more productive to be authentic about who we are.

When you see me on a video or podcast episode, it has to be the real me … otherwise, I’m creating a false front and being dishonest with you. Ultimately, authenticity is about integrity.

To me, this is a natural extension of Value Obsession. Creating a false front just to create more revenue destroys value for the customer.

Accurate Thinking

There is an objective reality that exists independent of anybody’s opinion. (Including mine)

Effectively serving you means that I need to seek and find that objective reality so that it can be discussed and shared.

Many of the world’s realities are uncomfortable and/or not spoken about in polite conversations.

Unfortunately, this does not help any of us to live better lives.

The world does not change because we ‘want’ it to be different. In order to transform our business and lives to world-class levels of value, we need to understand the objective reality around us to take the actions that will create exponential personal and professional growth.

Self Discipline

The first battle that you must win on the way to a world-class life is the battle against yourself.

Doing the things that are necessary for success in life takes exceptional effort and sacrifice.

There is no way this can be done without exceptional self-discipline.

We must develop the discipline to delay gratification, lean into uncertainty, make hard decisions, and take uncomfortable actions.


The only constant in life is change.

To achieve our goals, we must make a plan and put it into motion.

However, any plan that we put in place will inevitably require that we stop, pivot, and adjust course.

In order to ultimately achieve our goals, we must adapt our strategy as we go.

This can feel scary, but it is necessary.

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