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Political polarization has become an unfortunate fact of life. This has been accelerated by social media selectively banning certain voices while allowing others to continue unfettered. The result has been that all forms of two-way conversation are almost completely non-existent […]
During 2020 there was quite a bit of attention on Law Enforcement and Equity. Starting with the George Floyd tragedy in Minneapolis, there were a string of protests and riots that erupted due to the display of equity disparities and […]
Napoleon Hill first wrote about the mastermind principle over 80 years ago in his classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ Aaron is taking Hill’s classic lessons and taking them to the next level as a leader & participant in multiple […]
There was a time when marketing options for small businesses were terribly limited. In the 1990’s, only mid-sized companies and larger enterprises could afford to produce a professional looking promotional video. The economics have change radically in the past two […]
Doug talks with Sister Adele Marie Altenhofen from the Sisters of Saint Mary in Oregon. The organization runs a convent, a school spanning from pre-school up through high school, and a senior care center. Doug and Sister Adelle Marie discuss […]
2020 has been quite a year … Doug provides his thoughts looking back on the year and insights for the year to come. To cap it off, Doug wishes everybody a merry Christmas and happy New Year. Doug’s business specializes […]
Doug talks with Dr. Debby Thomas – The dean of the George Fox University school of business administration about the decision to hold the fall semester onsite and its associated challenges. The objective of higher education is not only learning […]
Doug talks with Josh Duder – The Executive Director of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce about the importance of buying local and local entrepreneurs to a vibrant economy. In addition, entrepreneurs have the courage to fail and the tenacity […]
Insurance is a topic that most people avoid talking about because it feels very boring and involves the thought of loss. The thing that people need to understand is that Insurance is a necessary part of life and that strange […]
Career changes are an inevitable part of life. The way we deal with these transitions will guide the way our life unfolds. Doug and Michelle discuss the dynamics of careers in the current economic environment and the factors that press many […]
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