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Doug and Donna spoke about increasing brand awareness through public speaking. Engaging your audience and extending the reach of your brand may both be accomplished through public speaking. Upstaging your audience is a mistake you must avoid if you want […]
Doug and Mickey spoke about how to use marketing strategies and copywriting for conversion to work less and make more. Have you ever thought of ways to work less and earn more? If not, you’re passing up a significant chance. […]
Doug and Joel spoke about Getting through client outreach’s noise. Trying to get individuals to genuinely connect with us as marketers is one of the difficulties we face in our busy lives. Since the Yellow Pages era, when you could be sure that no one would return your call, the world has evolved significantly. Understanding what people want from a solution and encouraging them that you’ll solve their problem is a challenge that only a top-notch marketing company is prepared to take on in today’s increasingly noisy world. Learn more at https://www.yesware.com Doug’s business specializes in partnering with […]
Doug and Jon spoke about making your marketing message simple. Your marketing message should be simple. You’ve likely heard the phrase “simplify marketing” repeatedly when it comes to promoting yourself, your products, or your services. Marketing used to be about developing an approachable message that was clear, convincing, and captivating. But it appears that marketing has evolved through time, and creativity is now more important than ever. Clarity frequently suffers when creativity is used, which is why straightforward marketing has gained so much popularity. Learn more at https://southmountainmessaging.com Doug’s business specializes in partnering with companies and non-profits to create value and capture cost savings without layoffs to fund growth and strengthen financial […]
Doug and Mat spoke about maximizing your sales. As two sides of the same coin, marketing and sales have been compared. Selling and marketing alone are not everything, though. The way small businesses operate nowadays is to boost sales while […]
In Today’s Episode, Doug spoke about the reasons for the high CEO pay. Some experts claim that the usual CEO remuneration can exceed $10 million, which is more than twice the average yearly income of an American worker. But could […]
Doug and Russel spoke about marketing using reverse engineering. The necessity for businesses to be able to swiftly develop new tactics arises from the fact that the internet marketing sector is one of the most competitive in the globe. Reverse […]
Doug and Marco spoke about how offers might be put together to add value rather than merely lower prices. To keep up with competitors, too many companies raise their pricing, although this may not be the greatest strategy. Finding a solution […]
Doug and Roy spoke about personal and professional differentiation. What are some of the factors you’ve found to be the real keys to effective differentiation and how can you develop and put into practice a plan that will stick and […]
Doug and Dr. James spoke about making your business grow exponentially. It might be difficult to know where to begin when trying to expand your company. You can be unsure about whether to employ a growth plan manual or whether […]
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