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Competing Against the Clock

Doug Utberg

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The thing on my mind today is Time … specifically, the way that time goes by and can never be recovered.

Because of this, each of us end up spending our lives competing against the clock.

Like many people, I lead a very busy life.

To set the stage …

My wife and I have two children (15-Girl / 12-Boy) plus two dogs, two cats and eight chickens.

We live on 3 acres in a town called Newberg in Willamette Valley wine country that is 30 minutes away from our kids’ school.

I run a number of businesses and my wife works for a technology company on the other side of town.

Every Sunday, we travel across town 50 minutes each way to attend church at the parish where I have been going since I was five years old.

My son is in Boy Scouts where I am an active adult leader.

My daughter is in Dance with regular practices and competitions.

What all of this comes down to is a constant string of activities to transport people where they need to go, attend to work needs, and take care of our property. This all takes quite a bit of time and has given me a keen appreciation of its passing.

Time Waits for Nobody
The fact that time continually moves forward and cannot be stopped is probably the single most significant equalizer between people of different social and economic situations is the movement of time.

No matter who you are, the number of hours in the day is the same and a minute that is lost can never be recovered. Money can be regained, but once the time is lost it’s gone forever.

Once you understand the true meaning of time, you will quickly grow to value it over money

In this way, every day is a competition against the clock. It is a race to get the most out of the remaining minutes that you have left before the slice of your life expires. Upon fully internalizing this fact, my view of time changed dramatically.

Time as Wealth
Most of us have been conditioned to think of wealth as financial resources, often measured in terms of money. This leads us to think of older people with large fortunes as being wealthy. However, if their remaining time is limited and their health prohibits doing the activities they want, how wealthy are they in reality?

This has led me to the belief that Time is the true form of wealth.

Specifically, I am talking about Time where you are able to do What you want, with Who you want, Where you want and When you want to do it.

When viewed in this light, it quickly becomes apparent that most people are in the process of eroding their ‘wealth’ while they are trying to make money. There are countless high-income professionals who are beholden to a job or business that has extremely high time requirements.

Trading away your time wealth for money is a poor exchange.

The focus of your efforts should be on how to create money with the most flexibility as possible –

What you do?

Who you work with?

Where you work?

When you work?

Every one of these that you tilt in your favor creates time wealth for your life of purpose and prosperity.

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