Terminal Value

Doug and Nancy spoke about the importance of connection between your self worth and your net worth. Believing in yourself that you are worthy is one step closer to your goal in building your net worth.

Am I good enough? We tend to pose this question to ourselves more frequently. As you can see, it takes time to build your self-worth. To attract incredible things that you can use to increase your net worth, you must continue to grow and develop your self-worth.

Learn more at https://nancypickardlifecoach.com

Doug’s business specializes in partnering with companies and non-profits to create value and capture cost savings without layoffs to fund growth and strengthen financial results. 

You can find out more at  www.TerminalValue.biz

You can find the audio podcast feed at www.TerminalValuePodcast.com

You can find the video podcast feed at https://www.youtube.com/c/DougUtbergTerminalValue

Schedule time with Doug to talk about your business at https://meetings.hubspot.com/meetdoug/30-minute-zoom-meeting

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