Terminal Value

If you are a parent or planning to build a family then this podcast message should be one of your top priorities. Doug and Jordan spoke about investing early on your child’s future. They emphasize early investing as much as possible to build your child’s financial assets as early as possible.

It’s not just about how much you can save by starting early so its value will be compounded. So imagine while you are investing for your child in the future you can also make an impact on his/her future, what are good parental goals right? Jordan and his company “Early Bird” can help you with this.

Learn more at https://www.getearlybird.io

You can find the audio podcast feed at www.TerminalValuePodcast.com

You can find the video podcast feed at www.youtube.com/channel/UCV5a4QbT-dXhpgb-8HJHdGg

Schedule time with Doug to talk about your business at www.MeetDoug.Biz

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