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Doug and Jon spoke about boost the growth of your company via affiliate marketing and some best practices for weaving an affiliate type of business.

Affiliate marketing may be the most successful strategy to use if you’re wanting to expand your company. It’s a great way to advertise your company online and profit from the website traffic you generate.

Driving leads straight to your business through affiliate marketing is its real trick. identifying the companies with the biggest likelihood of becoming clients using data and insights, and then finding ways to expose them to as much pertinent info as you can.

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Doug’s business specializes in partnering with companies and non-profits to create value and capture cost savings without layoffs to fund growth and strengthen financial results. 

You can find out more at  www.TerminalValue.biz

You can find the audio podcast feed at www.TerminalValuePodcast.com

You can find the video podcast feed at https://www.youtube.com/c/DougUtbergTerminalValue

Schedule time with Doug to talk about your business at https://meetings.hubspot.com/meetdoug/30-minute-zoom-meeting

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