Terminal Value

Doug and Trent spoke about how leaders make mistakes that keep them from realizing their greatest potential. Although making mistakes is common, doing it often can prevent you from improving and achieving your full potential. There are many obligations that come with being a leader, and in order to lead and be a good leader, you must exert all of your potential.

Want to be the best leader you can be? It is crucial to be aware of these mistakes and learn from them. Everybody has a duty and a job, so managing those duties and fostering open communication among your team are also essential components of being a successful leader.

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Terminal Value:

00:00 Introduction

02:37 The first base 

05:22 The second base-  the people that we want in our organization and the people we need to be as leaders

10:19 How that leader shows up

17:31 The importance of creativity and community with the team

19:05 How do create unity as a team

22:34 The 15 potential traps you should avoid

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