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Doug Utberg

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The 1% Rule

The topic on my mind today is something I’ve talked about my podcast number of times – It’s what they call the 1% rule. The idea behind the 1% rule is that if you increase your level of skill in […]

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Navigating Chaos

The thing on my mind right now is the idea of navigating chaos.  The last couple of years have been rife with chaos between the COVID pandemic, and Russia’s war in the Ukraine.  Compound this with internal strife in the […]

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Mindset and Belief

Why is mindset and belief so important?  The reason is because if you are trying to accomplish anything in your life that if you are a value obsessed leader, you are figuring out how to make every part of your […]

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Success in Spite of Yourself

Today, we’re going to talk about achieving success and your personality traits. There is a tendency to view somebody who is successful as having figured it out, meaning everything they’re doing must be right. Conversely, somebody who is not successful […]

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Value Philosophy

One of the things I want to talk about today is what I call my value philosophy. This is not only a life philosophy, but also a part of my belief about the business cycle. The idea of the value […]